Looks like Sony has officially released the PlayStation 5! We were going to make a Start of the Week video, but we didn’t get a chance to play the game until this week. The game itself is pretty cool, and is a great example of what Sony has been doing right with the PlayStation series, but it’s not perfect.

If there is one thing that the current generations of PlayStation have been guilty of, then it is ignoring the lessons of the past. The one shining example of how to do this is the game OlliOlli. In this game you play as a skateboarder, and your objective is to complete a series of increasingly difficult levels by completing and collecting a series of stars along the way.

PlayStation 5, or PS5, is a hardware and software platform that will be released in 2020. It is a successor to PlayStation 4. In Japan, the name is PlayStation Neo. The PS5 is currently in development by Sony Computer Entertainment, and is expected to be released in November 2020. The PS5 development is led by Ken Kutaragi, former president and current chairman of Sony Corporation. Kutaragi was previously in charge of Sony’s “Worldwide Network Services” department for 18 years until he was dismissed in May, 2012. [1]

Ratalaika Games specializes in short, simple and cheap indie games that you can usually play in an hour and earn a platinum trophy. The company’s two previous games we’ve reviewed, Prehistoric Dude and UltraGoodness 2, fit right into this category. But when they announced that they were going to create a Metroid called Sun Wukong vs. Robots were going to release, I was intrigued. These games are all about exploration and immersion, which is (usually) not feasible in an hour-long game.

Sun Wukong vs. A robot’s not very attractive, is it?

To tell you the truth: Sun Wukong vs Robot is one of the longest and most feature-rich games they’ve released in a long time, but that’s not saying much. This is the easiest Metroid I’ve played in a while. In this game you play as the Monkey King, who wakes up in a strange factory-like dungeon guarded by robots. Your goal is simple: Escape from this prison by destroying a number of bosses and collecting power-ups on your way through the dungeon. The story is not the strongest point of this game, and you can skip the cutscenes without dialogue without a problem. You’re here for the gameplay and the little content there is.

From a gameplay standpoint, Sun Wukong vs. Robot the easiest of the Metroidvania. At first, you have a basic melee attack and the ability to jump. Eventually you get to the first boss, which allows you to create a small shield that protects you from attacks for a few seconds by converting the damage into mana. Your next purchase will be a beam that allows you to damage multiple enemies at once, and so on. None of these abilities change the game, as there is little to explore in the game and few items to find and collect. Much of the game’s progression system involves spending experience points to improve your character. The game requires a ridiculous amount of XP for each upgrade, so be prepared to sweat a bit.

This is the first boss in the game. Yeah, and the dog and the orange Master Chief wannabe are up there.

Believe it or not, the mediocre gameplay is actually the game’s strong point. The two or three hours it offers of grind and elemental boss fights can be damned bad, but it’s perfectly serviceable. The same can’t be said for the game’s presentation, which is as simplistic and uninteresting as it gets, though it never completely sucks.

The game tries to imitate the 8-bit graphic style, but it is not very successful. It doesn’t look like an NES game, but rather like a cheap game, with very small character models and bland backgrounds. There is, however, a glimmer of hope: The few (silent) scenes in the game are much better designed. It’s what you’d expect from a retro-inspired relaunch game, but there are very few games like it. Finally, the soundtrack, while not the worst I’ve ever seen, is not worth mentioning. Some sound effects stood out for all the wrong reasons, but one of them (in a boss fight) sounded like a copy of Star Wars lightsaber sounds.

This ray is the most exciting one in the game.

You can have fun with the game Sun Wukong vs Robot. It’s not inherently terrible. This is easily one of the most mediocre and forgettable Metroid games I’ve played in a long time. It brings nothing new to the genre, the graphics are sparse and the overall design is just bland. If you’re a big Metroidvania fan or are looking for platinum trophies (you can get two in one purchase, as the PS4 and PS5 trophies stack separately), you can enjoy a few hours of gameplay like other players and then forget about it. If not, you’ll forget about it anyway, just like the rest of the game population…..

Sun Wukong vs. Robot tries to mimic the 8-bit graphic style, but the models and backgrounds are either too simple or too forgettable to stand out. There are one or two cutscenes that do look good. Aside from the weird hitboxes and random input delays, this is a basic operating system for 2D platforms. You can get a few bonuses along the way, but they don’t improve gameplay much.
There is nothing inherently terrible about sound design. It’s there, it’s there, but it’s really forgettable, like most of the game. Some of the sound effects stood out for the wrong reasons though, one in particular sounded like a copied and pasted version of Star Wars lightsaber sounds. It’s an innocent, standard, forgettable Metroidvania that can be played out in a few hours. It can provide you with a few stylistic features without too much effort, as well as satisfy your hunger for exploration platforms if you’re a die-hard fan of the genre.
Final decision: 5.0

Sun Wukong vs. Robot is already available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PC and Switch.

Tested on PS5.

A copy of Sun Wukong vs Robot has been provided by the publisher.


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