Resident Evil Village is a mobile game by Gameloft based on the Resident Evil movies. The game is free to download, with in-app purchases. The game is free-to-play, and you don’t have to pay to play the entire game. To get as many of the in-game items, you can watch ads, or pay.

The game starts off in the Village of the Damned, a village that was once home to a peaceful tribe, but now is home to a horrifying evil. You start out as one of the villagers, and you are tasked with getting out of the village alive. Along the way, you are captured and taken to the mines where you are forced to find precious metals and gems to provide the village with the income to keep its evil going. While on your quest, you will encounter monsters that you will have to battle. (Optional: Describe how the game actually plays)

Resident Evil is one of those franchises that keeps changing and evolving over the years, constantly moving from one genre to another, and that’s one of the reasons I love it. Each game offers a new playing experience. She’s not afraid to mix things up and break the rules, but it’s not wrong to say she’s often in trouble. That was until the release of Resident Evil 7 in 2017, which gently rebooted the franchise and got it back on track. Now we face the eighth main game, Resident Evil Village, which continues the impressive series of events.

Ethan Winter’s Wonderland.

The story is set three years after the events in Louisiana, where Ethan and Mia Winters survive a horrific incident involving the Baker family. The couple now live in seclusion in Europe with their child. Everything seems to be going well until suddenly Chris Redfield kills Mia and kidnaps Ethan and Rose. Ethan then wakes up in an accident, the kidnappers are dead and Rose is nowhere to be found. Ethan has no other choice and continues until he finds a village overrun by Lycans and other monsters. Ethan begins another desperate battle to save his family from the village chief: Miranda’s mother.

From the start, the story is far more interesting than any other game in the Resident Evil series, thanks to an excellent hook. Ethan himself is much more developed; although on the outside he leads an ordinary life, he clearly suffers from the incident with the Baker family. You can tell because he’s in military training and is constantly worried about what’s in store for him. He’s still a bit clumsy and stupid about what’s going on, but at least it’s an improvement over the other parts. In the end, I really liked Ethan’s character. The story itself is very good though, with some great revelations and bold twists that I really didn’t expect. Some of the plot points delve deeper into the history of the franchise.

As for the villagers, the few survivors you meet are quickly dismissed, and I was hoping there would be some more sympathetic characters among them. The village itself is divided into four houses, each led by its own villain. She is Lady Dimitrescu, a great vampire who lives in a castle with her three vampire daughters. Heisenberg; an engineer with the ability to manipulate metal. Then there’s Moro and the mysterious Benevento. Finally, there is the mother Miranda, who has all the power over the village. Each of the villains has their own time to shine in the game, but it’s Dimitrescu’s presence that really steals the show.

Obligatory screen shot of Lady Dimitrescu.

Resident Evil 7’s first-person point of view and overall controls make a triumphant return, and show that the first-person point of view adds a lot new to the franchise, but there are also some major differences. Village takes the basic gameplay of RE7 and combines it with the scope of Resident Evil 4. Ethan’s military training becomes apparent as the game progresses. He’s faster, knows how to control himself better and can charge much faster. The locking mechanism also returns: Ethan can now push opponents away if they get too close. On the standard difficulty, I had no problem with ammo. So if you want something more challenging, you should definitely tackle this level.

As you make your way through the village, you’ll encounter different locations, each with its own play style. There is the village itself, which acts as a kind of centre, a place where people keep coming back. It’s a fantastic area that gets bigger and bigger the deeper you get into the game, and there are a lot of secrets to be found. Along the way you will also meet Duke, a friendly merchant who will occasionally help Ethan on his journey. This allows you to upgrade your weapons and sell ammo, mounted weapons and permanent static upgrades that you get when you hunt animals in the game world and bring them back. This is certainly a nice addition and a sign of safety in a dangerous village.

Much of the game is dedicated to exploring four different areas of the village. One of them is Castle Dimitrescu, which is an absolute highlight of the game. It reminds of the good old days of Spencer’s Mansion with its many locked doors and puzzles. This makes you wonder: Who made this? You travel through the interiors of the main castle, into the dark depths and even onto the rooftops. It is a vast area with many dangers and horrors. Lady Dimitrescu and her vampire daughters will regularly stalk you in certain parts of the castle. They have only two choices: run or hide. This is only a small part of what the village has to offer: Ethan will visit the Morau reservoir and the Heisenberg factory, among other places.

I’m sorry, which way is the village?

Although the other areas do not reach the heights of Castle Dimitrescu, they are all effective in their own way. Most of the locations where the action takes place are some of the best in the franchise to date. Exciting battles await you with dozens of Lycans and other monsters quickly approaching your position. Ethan can lay mines, barricade doors, shoot flour sacks or barrels of explosives to stun enemies. The battle circle is about taking up the most favourable position possible, from which you can easily get away again. It’s always exciting. The only area I didn’t really like was the Heisenberg factory, which has no design and is too long.

Village may be a more action-oriented Resident Evil game, but that doesn’t mean the horror has been abandoned entirely. Instead, it’s just used more sparingly. Meetings are tense, and you’re constantly on guard against enemies coming at you. It’s a relentlessly fast-paced game, but there are also times when you’ll slow down as you make your way through a ruined village or through the depths of a huge castle, wondering what lies around the next corner.

There are no scripted scary stories in the game, it’s all about the gameplay. There were even a few moments that caught me off guard. Then there’s the terrifying psychological horror part, presented by Donna Benevento, that will appeal to even the biggest fans of the franchise, for reasons I won’t go into here. Horror is always a part of the franchise.

One of the main complaints about RE7 is the variety of antagonists. The forms were considered a wasted potential. The idea was good, but it lacked creativity and variety. Almost all the opponents were virtually identical, and Stuck’s few variations brought nothing new to the table. Thankfully, this has been rectified thanks to the vast army of monsters to fight. This time Ethan has to take on hordes of Lycans, werewolves and other monsters. While the basic enemies remain largely the same in terms of gameplay, the visual variety makes them very different.

Welcome to Ethan’s family!

Battles against bosses are pretty standard, often requiring you to run across the map and shoot at an obvious weak point. They’re not bad per se, but they lack the level of problem solving that would take them to the next level. Some are better than others, but the sheer number can be exhausting, especially if the tactics don’t change. There are also puzzles. Resident Evil has suffered from puzzle design in recent years, but there are some improvements here. There are many more this time, and they are fun to figure out, but they are not challenging enough. The solutions are either obvious or simply given from the beginning. Still, it’s nice to see classic puzzle patterns popping up more and more.

During my first playthrough, I spent about twelve hours on the game’s standard difficulty. This requires you to complete most of the side missions and go through each of the internal areas of the game thoroughly. I’ve also played the hardcore mode in Village, and it’s very brutal; it’s true survival horror where resource management becomes essential. As always, Resident Evil Village has great replay value: The difficulty of Dark Village is unlocked after completing the game. He acts like a madman in this game by changing the positions and objects of the enemies. You also get access to the Mercenary mode, in which you have to go through certain areas of the game and quickly defeat enemies to earn points. It’s a fun game mode that gets harder and harder as you play.

The RE engine is always impressive, and this is no exception – this is one of the most beautiful games we’ve ever seen. The Eastern European village is absolutely beautiful, with the imposing Dimitrescu Castle towering above it. Several times during the game I stopped to admire the views and explore every square inch of these varied and impressively designed locations. If this is a taste of what the RE Engine can do for the next generation, especially with ray traced lighting, then I’m excited. I wish the PC version had a built-in FOV control, it’s a bit low, especially when playing on a very wide screen. There are also some performance issues that need to be fixed, but they were never severe enough to make me stop playing.

Mercenaries is back!

The sound design is also very good, and the voice acting is pretty decent. Dimitriscu and her daughters are superbly acted and steal the show every time they appear on screen. Thanks to an excellent performance, Chris Redfield finally has more character depth than a mere action hero. We also have Heisenberg playing old school Resident Evil. The weakest link is probably Ethan; although his character has improved, many of the lines don’t really hit the mark. The soundtrack isn’t particularly memorable, but the overall sound design is generally excellent and makes the village feel more alive.

Resident Evil Village doesn’t reach the dizzying heights of my favorite game in the franchise: Resident Evil 2 Remake. Still, it offers one of the best gaming experiences in the action-horror genre. The game may seem like a sequel to RE4, but it draws heavily from the other games, making it one of the most complete Resident Evil experiences to date.

The RE engine continues to impress, presenting one of the best games of the generation so far. The Village is a consistently addictive game with excellent gameplay and a variety of enemies that really captures the feel of RE4.
The voices and sound design bring the world and its inhabitants to life. Resident Evil Village is a love letter to the entire franchise. I take elements of all my best work and combine them into one big package.
Final decision: 9.0

Resident Evil Village is already available on PC, Xbox One, Xboz Series S/X, PS4 and PS5.

The test was conducted on a PC equipped with RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 3600X and 16GB of RAM. Playable at a resolution of 3440×1440.

A copy of Resident Evil Village was provided by the publisher.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Resident Evil village take place?

The Resident Evil franchise is a series of survival horror games created by Capcom and released for several consoles, the most successful of which has been the Capcom’s Resident Evil series, which has sold over sixty-five million copies worldwide and is Capcom’s highest-grossing franchise. You play the game as a character controlled by the player, who must investigate a zombie-infested mansion and surrounding areas, gather supplies, and battle zombies and other monsters. Resident Evil is a survival horror franchise known for its intense action, exploration-based gameplay, and grotesque monster designs. It’s also known for its convoluted and often nonsensical plotlines, and the bizarre locations where Resident Evil ’s zombie-slaying action takes place.

Is Resident Evil village open world?

The game’s first episode set in a small village and the second episode set in a city, which just kind of felt like one big area to us. Is Resident Evil village open world or is it more like a game like Resident Evil 4 and 5 where you are on a path that you can’t deviate from? To our surprise, we’re informed that REV village is indeed an open world game. To be specific, it’s a “semi-open world.” The second episode is an open map, but the first episode is very linear, especially the last half. Resident Evil Vllage is considered by many to be an open world game. However, it is not an open world game in the traditional sense. That is, there is no open world map or anything of the sort. Instead, the game is broken up into small sections of the village that can be explored freely.

Is Resident Evil village good?

Titled “Resident Evil: Village” (a title Capcom is changing to Resident Evil: Ghost Survivors), the “game” doubles as a social app for mobile devices—think FarmVille for zombie fans. As part of the game, users will be able to build their own zombie-infested villages, complete with familiar faces from the Resident Evil series, such as Leon Kennedy and Rebecca Chambers. Rolling out in late-summer 2013, Resident Evil: Village is the first mobile app based on the game, and will be available for Android and iOS devices. The game will eventually make its way to Facebook and other online social platforms, too. Resident Evil villagers is a new game coming to windows and playstations in 2017, that hopes to bring new life to the franchise that has been running since the late 90’s. It is said to be a remake of the first game, but with new graphics and features that will bring it into the 21st century. Resident Evil villagers is aiming to be the number one zombie game of 2017, and with the popularity of the original, it should be a top contender.

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