Battlegrounds is a first-person shooter video game developed by PUBG Corporation. Published by Microsoft Studios, it is the fourth title in the Battlegrounds series. The game was released on July 25, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. The mobile version of the game was released on November 10, 2018. The game is an early access title, and Microsoft plans to release the full game on mobile and console in 2019.

The most amazing thing about playing Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC [BGMI] is that it can be done seamlessly. You will be surprised to know how to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC [BGMI] without any glitches and faulty apps. The only requirement is that your device should be fully functional or running on Android Gingerbread OS.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a popular game that is a spinoff of the hit game Battlegrounds. Now it is available to play on PC using the [BGMI] ( PC client.. Read more about bluestacks and let us know what you think.After the official release of Battlegrounds Mobile India, many players are ready to finally enjoy the game without any problems. However, there will always be a group of people who like to play mobile games on larger screens, not to mention the more user-friendly controls. Of course, this is nothing new, as they’ve played PUBG Mobile with emulators before. Now let’s see how to install Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC.

There are many reasons why people use emulators. Maybe their mobile device isn’t capable of running the right app or game properly, or maybe they think they have better control with a mouse and keyboard, or maybe they want to use mobile apps on the big screen as if it were a tablet. Whatever the reason, here is a guide on how to install BGMI on your PC.

How to play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC

There is already PUBG PC, but after the ban, it is not available in India. And like PUBG Mobile aka BGMI is more popular than the PC version because you can play with more players and it’s free, while the PC version is paid. PUBG Mobile was already available on some emulators, but the new BGMI hasn’t been added to emulators yet, but you can still play BGMI on PC. So, if you want to play Battleground Mobile India on your PC, check out the step by step guide.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

The game was developed by Krafton and was originally released in early access. To join the Early Access program, users had to pre-register for the game. You can read all about the game by going here. The stable version of BGMI is now officially available on the Play Store, and anyone can download the game there.

Step 1: Emulator Download

There are many Android emulators for Windows. However, there are only Android emulators that you can easily install and use to play Battlegrounds Mobile India: Bluestacks and MSI App Player. The emulators can be downloaded from the respective websites.

Step 2: Install the emulator on the PC

  1. Copy the downloaded Bluestack installer to your computer and run it.
  2. The download now starts for another 350 MB.
  3. Once the download is complete, the installation will begin. If you encounter problems during installation, temporarily disable the antivirus program.
  4. Now that Bluestacks is installed and running on your PC, open the Google PlayStore in the Bluestacks emulator.
  5. You will be asked to sign in with your Google Account.
  6. After registering, find and install the Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI application.
  7. Start the game to give it permission to download additional files.
  8. Now complete the registration process to join the game.
  9. That’s it, you should be able to play BGMI on PC without any problem.
  10. You can assign all buttons directly from the emulator for easy operation.

Some users have reported that there is a device is not supported error message. And if you get this error too, then you know it happens when Bluestacks doesn’t have more than 1200 MB of RAM. As you know, the new BGMI game needs at least 4GB of RAM to run properly. Therefore, you must have sufficient RAM. Once you have allocated the RAM, you can run the game normally. Also make sure you are using the latest version of Bluestacks 5 player. Bluestacks itself has stated that it is the first and only Android emulator to support Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Installing BGMI on PC with MSI App Player

If Battleground Mobile India runs very well on BlueStacks, then you can also expect the MSI app player to be able to install and play the BGMI game. Since the MSI application player is based on BlueStacks, you can expect that playing Battlegrounds Mobile India will be easy. MSI App Player is simply a reworked BlueStacks application player. The only difference is that it is MSI branded and has a dedicated game search page with various MSI ads.


So far, Nox Player doesn’t seem to support Battlegrounds Mobile India. Although we may see support for BGMI and many other games later. It may also depend on the popularity of the emulator. Considering that BlueStacks has a huge market share compared to other Android emulators.


Since the game has just been officially released, we can expect that other emulators like Nox Player and other bootable Android operating systems like RemixOS will be able to support the installation and operation of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

That’s it for how to install and play Battlegrounds Mobile India on PC. Let us know if the game is available on other platforms and we’ll be happy to add it to the list.

Check it out:Battlegrounds Mobile India is a mobile game offshoot of Battlegrounds, a multiplayer first person shooter that has been popular on PC since 2015. Battlegrounds Mobile India has been released in India with the same gameplay mechanics without any changes in graphics, while adding the ability to play it on your smartphone.. Read more about bluestacks bgmi and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play battleground Mobile India in PC?

No, you cannot play Mobile India in PC.

Can we play PUBG mobile on PC using BlueStacks?

Yes, you can play PUBG mobile on PC using BlueStacks.

Can we play Bgmi on PC?

Bgmi is not available on PC.

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