If you are loading Windows 10 with a USB, you must use a bootable USB. There are a number of programs that will do this, but this blog is going to show you how to do it yourself with a few very simple tools.

The new form factor of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are very good, but due to a limitation in the UEFI BIOS, you cannot boot from a USB drive. This not only limits the capability of the device but also the options available to you.

Have you ever tried to install Windows 10 on an existing, older PC? It’s a tedious process, especially if Windows 10 has to be installed on a system that does not have an optical drive.

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  • How do I create a W11 boot disk? It’s easier than you think if you follow the instructions in this guide carefully.
  • Creating a Windows 11 bootable disk is possible and can be done with a special third-party utility.
  • Before you create a bootable disk, make sure your computer can run Windows 11.
  • If you are looking for a bootable ISO for Windows 11, you should download it exclusively from the Microsoft website.

Windows 11 was officially announced during the Windows 11 Live event, and the new version brings with it a number of new features.

The Windows 11 update will be available to all Windows 10 users. But what if you want to create a boot disk and install Windows 11 on another PC?

It’s also possible, and in today’s guide we’ll show you how to properly create a Windows 11 bootable USB drive.

How do I create a W11 boot disk?

1. Verification requirements

You’ll need at least an 8GB USB drive to create a bootable Windows 11 USB drive, but just in case something goes wrong, a larger drive is a good idea.

You will also need a Windows 11 ISO file. It is best to get them from the Microsoft website, as this is the only safe and reliable source for ISO files.

Downloading a Windows 11 ISO file from another source may pose a security risk. We strongly advise against this for your own safety.

Finally, you should check the official Windows 11 requirements and make sure your PC can run W11. Now that everything is ready, all you need is the right software to create a boot disk.

2. Using special software

  1. Download Rufus.

  1. Make sure the correct device is selected. This is especially important when more than one USB storage device is connected to the PC.

  1. Make sure Disk or ISO image is selected for the Select Download option. Now press Select.

  1. Select the Windows 11 bootable ISO file.
  2. Set the Image option to Default Windows Installation. Now choose the partitioning scheme. Use GPT if you use UEFI or MBR if you use BIOS.

  1. Then press the Start button.

  1. A warning window will appear asking you to confirm that you want to format the flash drive. Select OK.

  1. Wait until the process is complete.

Once the process is complete, the Windows 11 bootable USB drive is ready to use. Creating a Windows 11 bootable disk is easy and is currently the only way to achieve this goal.

However, we are confident that the media creation program will support Windows 11 when it is released or in the near future.

We hope you found this guide useful and were able to create a bootable disk. What do you think of W11?

Are you excited or still thinking about the features of Windows 11 compared to Windows 10? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Take part in the discussionWhen Microsoft announced they would be releasing a new version of Windows , they also mentioned that this version would be a free upgrade for all Windows 7 users. That’s right, Microsoft just announced that they would be offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 for all Windows 7 users. And to get that update, Windows 7 users will need to upgrade to a newer version of Windows. How can you or your friends or family go about doing this? The simplest, and most cost effective, way is to make a copy of the old Windows 7 installation on a USB drive. This is easily accomplished by using a tool such as the freeware tool Rufus.. Read more about rufus bootable usb and let us know what you think.

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