How To Download Sportz Tv On Firestick – Perfect Guide – 2022

In this guide, I will show you how to download sportz tv on firestick. This app is supported on all the existing Fire TV lines of devices and Android TV Boxes.

If you are an existing Sportz TV user and experiencing problems with channels streaming/loading, here’s the guide you can follow to fix the issue.

Sportz TV is one of the top IPTV services for FireStick I have come across recently. This app covers a wide range of media types including Live TV and Video-on-demand (movies and TV shows). You will find a plethora of content in each category (more than I could ever stream). The active team of developers behind this app also keeps adding new content quite regularly.

With an incredibly user-friendly and fluid interface and high-quality streaming, Sportz TV also makes it to our list of best apps for FireStick.

Sportz TV is a paid app and hence apparently better maintained than its free counterparts. I am yet to find any non-working stream. The app comes with a lot of features, the multi-screen function being one of its biggest highlights. I think that Sportz TV for FireStick might just as well be the only app you could need for all your streaming demands.

Top Highlights of Sportz TV FireStick App

Here are some of the top features of the Sports TV app on FireStick:

Thousands of Live TV/IPTV channels from the USA and across the world

Loads of on-demand content including your favorite movies and shows

High-quality streaming in up to 1080p resolution

User-friendly interface with a professional touch and easy navigation

Bonus features like the Multi-Screen function

Catch Up TV is available

Lets you install and use EPG

DVR functionality available with compatible devices

Let you choose the external media player of your choice

Well maintained

Low price

Attention, FireStick Users!

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How to Sign Up for Sportz TV Service-how to download sportz tv on firestick

Note: Upgrade you will receive two separate emails for two different login details. Keep the emails safe. I have provided more information about the Sportz TV login details in the next section

To use Sportz TV on FireStick, you must first buy the paid monthly subscription.

The Sportz TV team currently only offers monthly plans starting from $9.95 per month. Here are the quick plan details:

You are paying $5 additional monthly for each added screen. By the number of screens, it means the number of allowed simultaneous streams. If you intend the app for a family, you might want to consider the plan with more screens.

Nevertheless, you can always get started with the base plan that costs you $9.95 per month, and upgrades to a higher plan later may the need arise.

Subscription Alert prompt is displayed. I say you read it for a better understanding of what you are up to. The Alert also contains some useful information. For instance, it may take as long as two hours to activate the service after making the payment

Click I understand, proceed with a subscription when you are ready

Important things to note about the new payment processor Eskaypay:

It does not support auto-renewal

You must create a new login even if you are renewing the services

Therefore, renew only when your subscription has expired

PayPal has withdrawn the payment support. Eskaypay is only the interim payment arrangement

SportzTV plans to use a better payment processor as soon as they find one

Once your payment is successful, a prompt will appear. You have successfully subscribed to the Sportz TV services.

Wait for the emails from Sportz TV.

Important Note Regarding Sportz TV Login Credentials

Sportz TV will send TWO login credentials in two separate emails.

Website Login Details: These details are used to log in to your Sportz TV dashboard in a web browser at

The website login helps you manage your Sportz TV account. You can log in with your email address/username and the system generated password (sent in this email)

You CANNOT use these login details to log in to the Sportz TV FireStick app

App Login Details: Sportz TV will send the app login credentials in a separate email.

Both username and password are of 8 Digits

Note down the username and password and keep them somewhere safe. Also, save this email safely. You may forward this email to your other email addresses if you use multiple emails.

How to Install Sportz TV APK on FireStick

Note: If you have any existing version of the app already installed on your FireStick, make sure you uninstall it first before following this guide

Now that you have signed up for the service and also have the App login details, you may install Sportz TV and start using it on FireStick. Here are the installation steps:

Select FIND on the FireStick home screen

Click Search on the next window

Lookup for the Downloader app and follow the onscreen instructions to install it

Go to the home window of the FireStick and select Settings

Now open My Fire TV

Click Developer options

On the following window, click Install unknown apps

Turn the option ON for the Downloader app

Launch Downloader. In the right section click the URL field

Sportz TV APK will get downloaded on your FireStick. It takes a minute or maybe two

Click Install when the following prompt is displayed

Wait for the Sportz TV APK to install on FireStick.

When the App Installed notification appears, click Done. We are not clicking Open yet

Click Delete on this Downloader app prompt

Click Delete again

You have successfully deleted the Sportz TV APK from the FireStick storage. You don’t need this APK any longer as the app has already been installed

So, this is how we install Sportz TV APK on FireStick. In the next section, we explore and learn to use the Sportz TV FireStick app.


I believe that streaming doesn’t get better than this at this incredible price. You get hold of thousands of TV channels, movies, and shows for as low as $9.95. But, the low price doesn’t prevent the developers from offering an exceptional streaming experience. The app has a professional and user-friendly design and lets you stream in up to 1080p resolution. Sportz TV is fast too – with navigation and streaming both. Follow our guide to sign up for and use Sportz TV on FireStick. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to let us know.