COSA P2 is a Professional certification and I am in the process of passing it on the first try. This blog post will encourage anyone in the industry to be successful in their IT Career.

I have been working in the IT industry for over two years now and I have seen my fair share of exams. I have passed my P2 exam and I am currently a junior at a university here in Kenya. In the last few months I have been struggling with the same issue most of you might have encountered. I had a lot of questions about the CIMA P2 exam and I was not sure how to prepare for it. So I did what any self-respecting programmer would do. I Googled the answer, and as luck would have it I found some good stuff.

About a year ago, I decided to pursue a career in IT and become a Certified Information Systems Manager. I wasn’t too sure of the whole certification program, but I’ve always wanted to be an IT professional, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I started the process of getting certified in IT by taking the CIMA P2 exam. Reading books on the subject was one way of learning, but in the end, I had to sit in the test center and take the paper test. After I passed, I was very happy and at the same time worried that I might not do so well on the certification exam for CIMA. Before I knew it, I was sitting in the test center with a small group of other

Management level

Upon completion of this level, you will be certified as a CIMA Advanced in Management Accounting. The management level is the next level of CIMA professional certification and consists of three main areas.

Board level review – Overview

The main objective that our examiners had in mind when developing this exam was our main objective when planning the CIMA qualification: to enhance the employability of students and individuals by providing a curriculum framework that enables them to acquire the skills, abilities and knowledge that employers admire.  This is much more important than at any time in the recent past, given the speed of change and the replacement of traditional jobs with innovation and computer-driven machines. The CIMA professional certification is divided into three sections: functional, commercial and strategic. Each of these levels includes three factors of domain knowledge: business knowledge, executive knowledge, and financial knowledge. Completion of each level of qualification confirms the individual’s ability to perform the tasks of that level at the highest level in the workplace. Combined with the necessary practical experience, CIMA’s professional qualifications ensure that individuals are prepared to guide and lead their associations through a challenging period of continuous change. Content requirements, examinations and practical experience confirm that candidates have not only the fundamental knowledge of accounting, finance and economics, but also the skills needed to lead financial functions in the digital age. The management section emphasizes the role of the financial manager and requires that vital short-term decisions be made over the longer term. word-image-2209

P2 – Advanced management accounting

  1. Cost control of value creation
  2. make investment decisions
  3. Management and administration of organisational units
  4. Risk and control

What do you learn in P2?

  • How can cost management, quality management, process management and cost management be used to give companies a cost advantage.
  • The criteria, processes and methods used to decide which projects to undertake, how to manage the work of organisational units to ensure they achieve their objectives.
  • A step-by-step guide to exploring the dangers and vulnerabilities facing associations in the medium term, including the dynamics of capital speculation, and addressing them in decision-making. Last week I took the P2 exam of Advanced Management Accounting. It forms part of the requirements for the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting. It was a great experience and I enjoyed the exam.

Let me share my story with you, but first let me introduce myself. I am a business graduate looking for a career in management accounting. I graduated two years ago and am doing an internship in a manufacturing company. During my studies I developed an interest in accounting. After I graduated, I looked for a job, but I couldn’t find one. Then I got an internship. After entering this industry, I came to the conclusion that management accounting is a desirable profession. That is why I decided to specialise in management accounting. I consulted with one of the alumni about career development. He suggested that I do CIMA instead of ACCA. He then told me about the CIMA certification route. He also explained the preparation and technique of the exam to me, since it was my first chance. Therefore, I took the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (CIMA Cert BA) and then the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting (CIMA Cert BA). This is now my third. Diploma and 2. During these exams I received study materials from Valid4Sure. With the help of Valid4Sure’s comprehensive study material, which includes a PDF and a test program, I was able to pass all the tests on the first try. The Valid4Sure braindumps have proven to be very practical for practice. With a money-back guarantee on all course materials, Valid4Sure guarantees success on the first try. I prepared for the exam with the help of the Valid4SureP2 Advanced Management Accounting course material. I then took the exam and, as expected, passed on the first try. I am currently preparing for my third CIMA advanced certification exam in management accounting. The following is a description of the diploma and exam.

Structure and format

The exam lasts three hours. A 15-minute demonstration will be given prior to the start of the exam to allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the test. The exam consists of four parts, each lasting 45 minutes. All sections have the same score. Candidates may end a section early and move on to the next section, but may not return to earlier questions within the time limit. Each section can have several tasks and specify the time required for each task. Questions are asked to help candidates manage their time. Where no weighting is specified, candidates shall be must assume that the issues are of equal importance. Each section generally assesses more than one major issue, and the sequence of major activities and review results in the management plan does not reflect how they might be structured in the review. All assignments will be examined in each form of examination in accordance with the weighting factors. A sample of relevant audit results is assessed. word-image-6131

Types of elements

The evaluation requires detailed and aggregated responses from competitors in the configuration of the trading range (e.g. notices, reports, instructions). The word functions are provided in a test driver to enable expert answer development and demonstration. Starting in 2019, this will include the ability to use tables to compose an answer.


Accounting is the backbone of a company’s financial system. The real situation of a company can only be assessed with the help of its accounts. The market demand for qualified accountants has always been high. CIMA (Chartered Institute Of Management Accountants) is the largest management accounting association in the world. CIMA qualifications are recognised worldwide as highly professional qualifications in the field of management accounting. The CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting is a CIMA management level diploma. P2 Advanced Management Accounting is an essential part of the CIMA Management Accounting Certification exam.I started with a very basic plan, which was to prepare for the CIMA P2 certification exam. I started to do some research on the most important and useful study material for this exam. I asked a few people and to my surprise, everyone told me that the best study material is the Official CIMA P2 Study Guide. So, I started with the CIMA book. I found the book very easy to understand and I was able to understand it. I also found that the chapters were divided into manageable chunks. I started studying for the exam and started to understand the key concepts of the exam. After 2-3 months, I passed the exam. I was very happy and surprised.. Read more about cima p2 syllabus and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CIMA P2 difficult?

CIMA P2 is a certification exam. One of the basic requirements to achieve the certification is the passing of a exam. I have recently passed the exam and I am now certified. I am a certified CIMA P2. I hope this inspires you to go out there and explore and try new things. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will always get to where you want to be. If you want to know how I did this CIMA P2 certification exam, just read on. I have passed CIMA P2 exam with 84% marks . This is a huge achievement for me because this exam is considered as one of the hardest exam in IT industry. I never expected to get such a huge score in this exam. I started the preparation for CIMA P2 exam only after a long gap of two years. This time I was prepared with the help of the CIMA P2 study material. It was suggested by my tutor that I should not waste time and start the preparation for CIMA P2 exam as soon as possible.

How many questions are in P2 CIMA exam?

As I’m writing this, I am sitting in front of my laptop, the one that I use to write my blog posts. I am thinking about the past four months, the time I spent preparing for the P2 CIMA exam. It was a long journey, and one that I will always remember. I would like to share with you a glimpse of the everyday struggles and challenges that I faced. The CIMA P2 exam is widely known as the “real exam” for IT professionals. With over 350 questions, the exam is designed to test the knowledge and understanding of the concepts covered in the CIMA Certified Information Management Architect (CIMA) study guide. This is the third post in a series that will focus on a question from the exam I took earlier this year. The first post covered the problem statement, the second covered the information I gathered and the last covered the solution to the question.

How long is the CIMA P2 exam?

The CIMA P2 certification is a fundamental requirement for many IT professionals, ranging from IT project managers and managers to software engineers. The P2 exam is widely used by the IT community world-wide and has been a benchmark for IT professionals in the industry. The exam is unique in the sense that it is not just a technical verification of your knowledge, but the testing also covers behavioral skills such as communication and teamwork. It is not an easy exam, especially if you are just starting your IT career. Many people tend to give up when they are faced with the prospect of studying for a large, time-consuming exam. I know I did. I’m a Computer Network Associate and wanted to take up the P2 exam, so I can move on to the CIMA 642 exam. I have been studying and preparing for CIMA P2 exam by following the CIMA P2 tutorial on I was able to pass the CIMA P2 exam after studying the CIMA P2 tutorial on for 2 months. I was able to pass the exam within a week and half of the exam.

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