Genshin Impact is a game which you can play on mobile devices, and is a middleware game that you can play using your phone. If you have a smartphone, you will not need to purchase a game device. Therefore, you can play anywhere, anytime.

The last time I played Genshin Impact, I tried to make my own eula build and it didn’t go well. I was told 100 times I was wrong from people who didn’t understand the basics of the game so with this build I have fixed a few things. The build is designed to make the game extremely easy to play while maximizing strength and overall effectiveness. I have never been good at building eula builds so I decided to ask for help. All I wanted to do was to change the abilities to make the game easier but I wanted to change it so that I could keep all of the passives as well so I could keep my level 10 passives.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new Eula build for Genshin Impact is that the changes to the game have been mostly positive. Most of the updates were simply bug fixes, and the overall feel of the game is smoother. However, the biggest change, and the one I’m sure will end up being the most popular, is the increase in the maximum level. The game now caps out at level 60, which is great news for everyone who was itching to get their characters to the highest level possible. The Eula build has been online since March 7th, and there’s been a lot of excitement since then.

If you need a royal knight with a claymore and Kryo, save all your primogues for Intertwined Fates to make a wish for a new character: Yula! The new event for Genshin Impact characters, Desire Born by Ocean Wave, is online (starting March 18, 2021). This banner is valid for three weeks and ends on the 8th. June 2021. Stay tuned for an in-depth look at Eula and her top builds in Genshin Impact! Eula, as befits a cold-blooded knight, can cause a tremendous amount of physical DMG if she is built properly. With her cryovision and enhanced physical DMG, Eula would make a great combination with Electro’s character. If you’re wondering why, it’s because when Cryo and Electro interact, an elemental reaction known as superconductivity occurs, reducing the physical damage resistance of enemies by 40%.

Best Yuletide Construction at Genshin Impact

For those who have little patience or time, here is the best simple and clean build for Eula :

  • Weapons: The song of the broken pines
  • A series of artifacts: Light flame

Best stat selection for Eula

Eula will do well if her stats are well balanced. In other words: Focus on improving the best core measures (see below), but do not neglect any measure. If you find during the game that Eula can’t use her elemental breath as often as you’d like, try to find another artifact or weapon that can, for example. B. increases energy charging. Now, the stats you need to focus on: DMG Cryo Bonus, DMG Physical Bonus, ATK%, CRIT Rate, and DMG CRIT. Here’s a breakdown of the best stats for each artifact type:

  • Aeon Sands: ATK% (or % energy charge if you really need it).
  • The chalice of Eonothem: Cryo DMG Bonus or Physical DMG Bonus (try to make your weapon increase the physical DMG, then you can use this artifact to increase the cryo DMG)*.
  • Circle of logos : CRIT DMG or CRIT rate
  • The flower of life and the flag of death: For each of these artifacts, target 2-3 of the above values as substrates.

* We strongly recommend using the Cryo DMG Bonus or the Physical DMG Bonus for the Chalice of Eula artifact, and only these.

Detailed statistical objectives

If you’re just looking for suggestions for Eula, you’ve come to the right place! These values are based on the level 80 Eula in the current trial and reflect only the values that buffer artifacts (see Artifact Details), not the full list of values on the Attributes page. You can see a list or a screenshot below for more details.

  • ATK: +1000
  • DEF : +100
  • Controlling the elements : +100
  • TRC rate: +50%
  • CRIT DMG : +40%
  • Charging Power : +35%
  • Physical DMG Bonus: +60%

The best artifacts for Eula

Although Eula has a natural preference for physical DMGs and cryo-DMGs, different sets of artifacts can offer many interesting and exciting possibilities. The following sets are customized to Eula’s weapon type, element, and talents. For now, here are the best 4-piece artifact sets:

  • Bright flame (BEST OPTION)
  • The Gladiator finale
  • Blizzard Tramp.

We recommend that you try combinations of the following two-part artifact sets for Eula to best suit your play style. Here are our recommendations for good two-part artifacts:

  • Noblesse Oblige (Elemental Storm DMG bonus)
  • Gladiator’s Finale (ATK%)
  • Bloody Chivalry (bonus for physical DMGs)
  • Blizzard Strayer (Bonus Cryo DMG)
  • Berserker. (CRITICALLY)

Best weapon for Eula

The recommended weapon is the Claymore Song of Broken Pines, which is conveniently included in the current weapon event wish banner with Eula in the character event wish banner : Born of the ocean’s swell.

5-star weapons:

  • Song of the Broken Pines (physical bonus from DMG, best option)
  • Heavenly Pride (% energy addition)
  • Wolf’s Tombstone (ATK%)

4-star weapon:

  • Blackcliff Slasher. (CRIT DMG%)
  • Snow-Tombed Starsilver (bonus for physical DMGs, best alternative to Song of Broken Pines)
  • King’s Sword (ATK%)

Depending on your luck on the field and choice of certain artifacts, you choose a weapon that improves or balances Eula’s performance to meet your current needs.

Influence of Genshin Tract Structure

In this game, a player that gains power is vulnerable to a hostile takeover by another player. Players can choose to play in a world with the default rules, or they can enter a world that is restricted to members of the same game clan. This means that members of a clan can team up to take over the world, but external players will not be able to come in and ruin their game. The game’s official website is: Read more about eula genshin impact materials and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Eula good Genshin?

For the average gamer, the Eula is the same as it was back then. It was a “click-through” agreement that most of us barely read before we signed off on it. In short, the Eula states that a company has the right to be completely anonymous and to do what ever they want with their game, as long as it doesn’t break any laws. As the years have gone by, many gamers have become more educated on how the Eula is used. The Genshin Impact expansion pack to the MMORPG Eula is now out, and while it has seen many good reviews, there are also mixed opinions about it. After having explored the expansion myself, I can say that it is good, but it isn’t great. The Eula expansion is about five levels longer than the base game, and it doesn’t really bring anything new in terms of gameplay. Instead, it simply builds on the mechanics you already know, giving you more of what you already have.

What should I farm for Eula?

Eula Farming is the process of resetting your character (usually a low level one) to a certain level, and then farming for items, gold, leveling up, etc. that you can sell in the Auction House, and then buying an Epic Item that you can sell at a higher price, or that you can use. This blog will be about the best eula build you can use for farming. (Since the best build changes depending on your class) Genshin Impact is a new mobile game that is quickly becoming a phenomenon in the mobile gaming community. The game takes place in a world where technology is rapidly evolving, and players can choose to play either as a member of the “Order” or the “Chaos” team. You can customise your character, and grow in strength and skill as you take part in various missions or challenges. Battling is the core activity in Genshin Impact, so it is important for you to be aware of how the game’s equipment system works. (What should you spend your time farming for?)

Is Eula DPS Genshin?

Eula DPS Genshin is a DPS build for Eula, it is a fast paced build for her. There are many variations of this build, however the main point is to have lots of attack speed and crit chance. This build depends on Eula’s ultimate, as the DPS is extremely high in her ultimate, and it can one shot squishy targets. With the recent release of a new DPS meta build in Genshin Impact, the question on everyone’s mind is “Is Eula DPS Genshin?” According to the community at, there is a lot of support for this theory. In fact, one user named “Eula DPS Genshin” posted a screenshot of the build as evidence and the community appeared to be convinced.

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