Month: June 2021

Google Adds More to Edit Business Profiles in Search

A recent edit made to Google search by the company’s engineers means more people can now edit their business profile on the Google+ website. If you’re a business owner, you can add your professional profile, a list of staff, and any additional info about your business. The new feature is also available for profile editing […]

Best Apple Watch Running Apps for Intervals & Splits

Runners with Apple Watch are in luck: There are a handful of excellent running apps on the watch that help you track your time, distance, pace, and more, especially when training for a race. The Apple Watch has always been a great fitness tracker, and now it’s getting even better. In this post I’ll tell […]

Top 10 Tools For Startups That You Must Have In 2021

In the current year of “Osmosis Two” (We’ll get to that), we start seeing a lot of startups; whether it’s Uber or Airbnb or TaskRabbit, there’s a ton of new startups. However, if we go back a few years, we find a new breed of startups emerging. They’re called “startups 2.0” (or “startups 3.0”), and […]